At SUPASTAR Innovations, we are interested in pursuing business development partnerships via in-licensing, and we also offer out-licensing of a number of innovative lifestyle/healthcare products. We have extensive experience developing a wide range of technologies for trade shows, retail, creative agencies, military, medical sector. Our broad portfolio includes industry-leading UV Sterilizing technologies, medical products, 3D Holograms, VR/AR. We hold significant intellectual property rights and licenses in several key areas. Series of certifications EPA, SGS, CE, FCC, ROHS and applied for a sanitation license for the production of disinfection products.


We are actively seeking licensing opportunities in the following our products:

  • UVLED 8.5" Sterilizer lamp. 

  • UV360 Sterilizer box.

  • UVLED Mini Sterilizer lamp.

  • NeckFan & MiniFan

  • Mosquito Killer.



For further information on these areas of interest please contact us to disclose products licensing opportunities.