SUPASTAR Scan&Go - Fast track thermal scanner


Scan. Go. 

The incredibly fast and high sensitivity SUPASTAR Scan&Go body temperature system is now more faster than ever. It features a high pixel, high resolution, area array imaging.


Starting at €3749 



High passing rate.

normal slow walking through, face side view indicator light, passing rate ≈ 40-60 people / min.


Avoid missing inspection.

the product design conforms to the ergonomics, which can ensure that the subject cannot avoid the probe and the inspection.


Detection accuracy.

the detection result can be accurate to two decimal places. Under normal room temperature, the temperature error is ± 0.5 ℃; under the stop and stay mode, the temperature error is no more than ± 0.3 ℃


Starting at €3749 


System function.

the number of green light prompt, high temperature alarm red light prompt, number of records.



Audible and visual alarm.

when the temperature of the tested person is abnormal through the temperature measuring door, the red signal light flashes, and gives a sound prompt to the detection personnel, and the number of alarms can be stored.



Intelligent statistics.

Intelligent passenger flow and alarm counting function, which can automatically count the number of people passing and the number of alarms.



The design.

Temperature detection device covers all aspects of measurement, accuracy and efficiency.


Smart Touch Screen. 

Convenient and easy to operate. 


Parameter setting.

the main parameters such as sensitivity, accuracy, temperature can be debugged according to the customer's use scenario.



Very low power consumption.

normal working power 1000W.



Detection height.

the probe can move up and down, adapt to different height, different age groups.



Working mode.

1. normal passing mode; 2. slow side mode; 3. stop stop mode.


Positioning system.

tracking personnel's real-time position through ultrasonic microwave.


Detection distance.

< 50cm.


Irradiation angle.

large area conical fan type.


Optional module.

blackbody automatic calibration module.


Starting at €3749 


Working humidity

95%, non condensing

Temperature measurement range

25 ℃ ~ 48 ℃

Temperature measurement error

± 0.5 ℃ (at room temperature)                

± 0.3 ℃ (constant room temperature) in specific mode

Working voltage

wide voltage ac180-250v, 50-60Hz

Working frequency

automatic or manual adjustment according to the installation environment



Net weight

up to 10kg

Channel size

1950mm (H) × 700mm (W) × 500mm (d)

Boundary dimension

2220mm (H) × 1000mm (W)  (if there is any change to the boundary, it will not be notified, the actual object shall prevail)