SUPASTAR ThermalScan 8"


Most Advanced 8" AI Thermal Imaging Temperature measurement.

Non-contact, rapid temperature measurement within 100 ms. 

Starting at €2499 



Thermal Scanner @ PACAI Hotel 

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Automatic temperature measurement.

Non-contact in vitro temperature measurement to reduce the risk of cross-contact.



Mask identification.

Check whether to wear masks to enhance safety precautions.



Intelligent Broadcast.

Warning of abnormal body temperature + remind to wear a mask.



Face recognition.

10,000 database capacity, binocular in vivo detection.



Real-name testing.

Proof of identity + indication of attribution.




Monitoring of key populations.

Stranger warning + blacklist management.




Monitoring of data management.

After discovering the high temperature data, warn the management man in time.




Starting at €2499 


Temperature measurement accuracy ± 0.3 °C.

HD Camera.



Screen Size: 8 inch

Resolution: 1280x800p

OS: Android 5.1, RK3288

Software: AI face regonition system

Certification:ISO9001 24001, CE, Rohs, FCC,3C


Camera Pixels Two mega pixels
Type Binocular wide dynamic camera
Measurement distance 50-150cm
White balance Automatic
Screen Size 8.0 inch IPS LCD screen
Resolution 800×1280
Processor CPU RK3288 Quad core,RAM 2G,main frequency is up to 1.8GHz
Local memory EMMC 8G
Accessories Fill light LED and infrared double fill lights
Embedded second generation id card reader Support type-a /B M1 card reading, support the second generation, three generations of id card reading, support to read A card B card UID
IC card reading module Support the MifareS50, MifareS70, FM11RF08 series of CARDS to obtain the physical card number in accordance with the ISO/IEC14443A agreement
Ports Network Module Support Ethernet, wireless (WIFI)
Audio Support for 2.5w /4R speakers
USB Ports USB OTG*1, USBHOST*1 standard port A
Serial Communication Interface RS232 com port*1
Relay output Door opening signal output*1
Wiggins interface Wigan 26/34 output*1,Wigan 26/34 input*1
Upgrade Support u-boot upgrade
Wired network interface RJ45 Ethernet seat*1
Function Face Detection Support for detection and tracking of multiple people at the same time
Face database capacity Maximum 20000
1:N Face recognition Support
1:1 Face Comparison Support
Stranger Detection Support
Recognition distance Settings Support
UI Interface settings Support
Remote upgrade Support
Ports of device Interfaces include device management, people/photo management, record query, etc
Usage Support public cloud deployment, private deployment, LAN use, used stand-alone
General parameter Protection grade IP65,Certain outdoor dustproof waterproof function
Power supply DC12V(±10%)
Operating temperature ﹣10℃~60℃
Storage temperature -20℃~60℃
Power consumption 13.5W(Max)
Installation method Gate access door bracket installation
Dimensions 260.18*132.88*61.7(mm)
Weight 1.5kg