Technical Requirements- hologram video shooting


10 bit 422

Min bitrate 100mbps

Panasonic gh5 or similar is enough


Black background

Lights: 200w thungsten or equivalent with ability to dim or frost.


Lighting scheme: Harsh backlight in flood mode (cover as much as possible - hair, shoulders etc)

Key light, flood light ( those two shold be frosted a bit).


Lighting from front even, with no shadows.

Main thing of video is that later there will be luma mask applied on it. So black should be black, skintons should be around 70 percent iluminated. And harsh backlight behind the object.

FACE - Final hologram video shooting result video

PRODUCTS - Final hologram Video shooting result (included post production ) video

PRODUCTS in 3D - Final hologram content in 3D video

UNDERWATER 3D objects - final hologram content in 3D video & video

Making of Hologram content in 3D - Free training video