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SUPASTAR-Innovations-UV-Lamp-wand-sanitizing-sanitizer-covid-covid19-led.jpg UVLED 8.5"


A New Powerful UV-LED sterilization technology quickly eliminate 99.9% of germs. Extremely portable and only 0.5 pounds weight. UVLED 8.5" It’s just what you’ve been waiting for.



Starting at €85






Quickly eliminate 99.9% of germs

Small and portable. 

20 seconds sterilization. 




99.9% Sterilization Rate. Kill all bacteria instantly.

Better Performance

50 seconds of traditional mercury lamp disinfection efficiency, higher unit area disinfection power ratio


Less Power Consumption 

Energy consumption is only 1%-5% of Mercury Lamp

Weight Only 1g.

Chip Technology processing, 8000 chips weight only 1g.

100.000 Hours

One bead can be used for 100.000 hours, longer life.


More Comprehensive disinfection, all around professional Disinfection technology






SUPASTAR-Innovations-UV-Lamp-wand-sanitizing-sanitizer-covid-covid19-led.jpg UVLED 8.5" 

Consist of 12 LED Beads for disinfect purpose. Four of them are germicidal LED Lamp (UVC 275 nm) beads. It provide extremely power to kill 99.9% germs in 20 seconds and keep the UV exposure level in a safe level for hand holding. The other eight beads are ambient light (UV 400nm), which can help tracing the disinfection area.

 Starting at €85





Safety Design.

Child lock. Prevent children from activating by mistake.

Auto-off. Built-in Gravity Sensor, 180s automatic power off made. 






How it works. 

The most point material is UVCLED lamp.

Deep UV LED disinfection has a selected band (270-285nm), with relatively strong sterilization power, with a sterilization rate of 99.9%. At present, no UV-resistant bacteria have been found on the earth. Each product has a built-in LED disinfection chip, which emits ultra-high-energy deep ultraviolet rays, penetrates cell membranes and nuclei of organisms, directly destroys the molecular structure of microbial cell DNA, kills bacteria, and achieves efficient disinfection.

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LED UV disinfection technology is more convenient than tube UV disinfection.




Lightning Source Semiconductor  Mercury
Lifespan Up to 10.000 Hours Up to 3.000 Hours
Ozone Ozone-Free UV Rays at wavelength of 184 nm. Decomposing the oxygen into Ozone. Ventilation is necessary after disinfection. 
Eco-Friendly  Yes Ozone & Mercury are toxic. The Minamata Convention issued by the UN will enter into force in 2020, and the manufacturing of mercury-related products will be banned. 
Disinfection cycle  10-180 seconds ( High intensity of UV Power ) Much longer and needs additional time for Ozone ventilation 
Portability Portable Fixed, bulky.